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About Us
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What is Black Knight Games?:

Black Knight Games is a retail store located in Hamilton, ON Canada. We also run this online store so that you can get our products anywhere in the world!  We are a Canadian owned, family business.


What do we Sell?:

We sell almost anything from our store online.  We mainly focus on miniature wargames, however we have a great selection board games, collectible card games and role-playing games as well.  We pride ourselves in carrying some excellent ranges that are harder to find.


Can I come and check out the store?:

Absolutely!  Black Knight Games has always primarily been a Friendly Local Game Store.  We have a large store, and you can buy anything that you find on this site in our store as well.  We also have a great gaming area where we run leagues, tournaments and other events on a daily basis.  You can check out the local store here.