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General Conditions



General Conditions


1. Cancellations

If you have made a mistake, or changed your mind about your order there is no need to wait for it to arrive to return it, instead you may decide to cancel an order at any time before it ships to you.

  • You will get a full refund of the product price, including any applicable discounts and taxes.
  • If the item has not shipped yet, you will receive a full refund on your shipping charges.
  • If the item has already shipped you can still return the item as described in the 'Returns & Exchanges' section (#2) of the General Conditions.
  • You may cancel items marked 'Final Sale Only' before they ship.

2. Returns & Exchanges

At Black Knight Games our priority is keeping you as a happy and loyal customer.  If you want to exchange or return product that you have bought from us we are happy to accommodate you.  We will not trick you with re-stocking fees, time limits or hidden rules.  As long as the items you wish to return follow these requirements we have no problem helping you out:

  • Items are undamaged, and unopened.
  • Items are still listed on our site as ones for sale (we will only accept returns for items we still sell).
  • Items were not listed as 'Final Sale Only'

If you wish to get a refund just contact us to let us know you are returning the item(s), ship them to us and once they package arrives we will refund you your money.

If you would like to exchange the items for other items from our store just contact us to let us know you are exchanging the items, be sure to let us know what items you would like to get instead, and ship the returned product to us.  Once we get the returned items we will ship you your new items for free (North America Only).  If you are an international customer wishing to make an exchange we will pay half of your shipping cost for the new items.

3. Lost, Mistaken or Damaged Shipments

If an item is lost or damaged in shipping we will do our best to accommodate you:

  • If the entire order is lost, or damaged we will send you a new shipment immediately (for FREE).  Please note that because inventory levels may have changed since the order was sent this might take a little bit longer then normal for us to get your entire order together.
  • If only certain items are damaged let us know which ones are damaged, and we will send you replacements as soon as we can (For FREE).
  • If we have mad a mistake and sent you the wrong item we will send you a replacement item immediately.
  • If we sent you the wrong item, and it is valued at under $20.00 you get to keep it.
  • If we sent you the wrong item and it is valued at over $20.00 you may choose to purchase it at a $20.00 discount, or you can ship it back top us (shipping payed for by Black Knight Games).
Any time we make an error in your shipment we will do our best to make it up to you.  This may include an offer like the one listed above, or we may give you a credit towards your next order, or maybe free shipping for a future order.  Our goal is to turn you into a happy and loyal customer, and we are happy to let you profit from that!

 4. Price Matching

At Black Knight Games we do our best to offer fair and competitive prices.  A lot of other online stores offer a 'discount' on their items, although in many cases the discount is on a price that is much higher then our normal price.  In addition the other stores out there often charge much higher shipping rates then we do.  So most of the time our final price is very similar to the competition's discounted price!  That being said there will certainly be the occasional situation where another company is offering you a better deal on an item then we are, and in those cases people often ask us about price matching.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer a price matching policy since the reasons for prices online are extremely varied:  They might have too much inventory and are selling it off at a major discount.  They may be located in a country that has different tax laws, or that is closer to distribution sources.  In some cases they may even be the manufacturer of the games to begin with, allowing them to undercut normal shops like us.  We understand that, and if you find yourself a great deal somewhere else go ahead and get it!  We will continue to try and offer the best prices we can, while offering an excellent range of products, at very fair shipping rates.  We are confident that even if you do find an item at a huge discount somewhere else that you will be back with us next time!