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Special Orders

 While we at Black Knight Games are always trying to expand our product range, and get in all of the best product lines that we can, there is certainly a lot of great stuff available that we don't or can't carry on a daily basis.  However, we can, and do, make special orders for people all of the time.  If you are interested in making an order for a product that we don't have listed in our online store we will make every effort to accommodate you.

How to place a Special Order

1. Call us at 905-296-3401, email us at or if you are in the area drop by our store!

2.  Be specific to what you want exactly.  If you have product codes all the better!  Some items we can definitely get (like items from Games Workshop Direct), other items might take some time to track down, and some might be unavailable to us.  So be prepared to allow us some time to track down the availability of the items you've requested.

3.  Be prepared to wait.  Normal items that you order from this website are either in stock, or about to be.  Items that customers request as a special order need to be found, ordered, and delivered.  Depending on the stock of the company we are ordering from the wait time might be very fast, or it might take a month!  Under normal circumstances special orders average two weeks.

While we can order from dozens and dozens of different companies, the companies on this list offer great lines, and are ones we deal with on a frequent basis:

 Major Brands

 Brand  Main Product Lines
 Affiliated Support Lines
 What you can Special Order
  •  Non-Core Models & Units
  • Collectors Range Products
  • Specialist Range: Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic, Mordheim, Epic: Armageddon, Warmaster, Inquisitor & Necromunda
  • Bitz Packs & Sprues
  • White Dwarf Magazine
  •  The Full Range of Warmachine & Hordes, including varriants
  • Iron Kingdoms RPG & Minis
  • Monsterpocalypse
  • Board Games: Grind, Scrappers & Bodgers
  • No Quarter Magazine
  •  The Full Range of Flames of War
  • Flames of War Special Order Items & Parts
  • All GF9 Products
  • Wargames Illustrated Magazine
  •  The Full Range of Dungeons & Dragons
  • The current available range of Magic: the Gathering
  • Ultra Pro Sleeves, folios, deck boxes & accessories
  • Axis & Allies Miniatures Game

 Hobby Companies



 Miniatures Companies



 Figure Case Companies


Board Game Companies

RPG Companies